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Webs Jyoti is a corporate training as well as classroom training company in India that offers corporate training in Delhi NCR- Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi. Webs Jyoti was started in the Year 2009 By Mr. Hirdesh Bhardwaj with a dream of bringing theoretical ideas into reality as well as to grow the technical skills of the employees. And some of our clients are Motorola, Nestle, FIA Global, Alpine India, Jastech Systems, SAP Lab India, SKV India, Dudhi Industries, NSFI, India Shelter Finance Corporation, MB Informatics, and PACE Academy.

We help candidates to an efficient employee as Corporate training gives you a chance to continue learning even as you become busy with your career. The opportunity to learn is always open when your company chooses to hire corporate training companies. With Webs Jyoti joining you as a training partner, we train your employees with the best of Excel and Advanced Excel usage. This leads to more efficiency as work can get more automated.

We specialize in providing comprehensive corporate training programs designed to enhance employee proficiency in various key areas. Our training modules cover advanced Excel, macros, SQL, Power BI, and digital marketing, empowering employees to excel in their day-to-day work.

Here's an overview of our corporate training offerings:

1. Advanced Excel: Our training program equips participants with advanced Excel skills, covering topics such as data analysis, complex formulas, pivot tables, data visualization, and automation techniques. Employees will gain the expertise needed to handle complex data tasks efficiently.

2. VBA Macros: We provide in-depth training on macros, enabling employees to automate repetitive tasks and streamline their workflow. Participants will learn how to record, edit, and execute macros, as well as how to create custom functions and automate complex processes in Excel.

3. SQL Server: Our SQL training focuses on database querying and manipulation. Employees will learn SQL fundamentals, including writing queries, retrieving and modifying data, creating tables, and working with multiple databases. This knowledge will enhance their data management capabilities.

4. Power BI Visualiization Tools: Our Power BI training program covers the essentials of data visualization and business intelligence. Participants will learn how to create interactive dashboards, design compelling reports, and leverage advanced features to analyze and present data effectively.

5. Digital Marketing: Our digital marketing training equips employees with essential skills in online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, and paid campaigns (PPC) on Social Media and Search Engines. They will gain insights into digital marketing best practices to boost brand visibility and engagement.

Empowering Companies through Tailored Training Programs: Our Success Stories

We have conducted training for employees from a diverse range of companies, empowering them with valuable skills and knowledge. Here are some of the notable companies where we have provided corporate training:

Training Duration: 16 HOURS

Schedule A
2 Days Training 8 Hrs / Day
Schedule B
4 Days Training 4 Hrs / Day
Schedule C
Customized * 2-3 Hrs / Day

*Customized Schedule Is Also Available On Demand

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