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Advance Excel & VBA Skill is required in almost all the profiles involving Excel or Spreadsheet Usage. Wide use of Excel is in Accounting & Taxation, Business & Marketing Planning, Back office Profiles, Business Analysis and MIS reporting Profiles.

We work with the businesses and individuals who need MIS, Excel Macro and Data Analytics classes at Flexible timings & affordable pricing. We have conducted 500+ Classrooms and 50+ Corporate Training Successfully. We run weekdays as well as weekend classes at our training institute.

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Book - VBA for Excel written by Hirdesh Bhardwaj


Course Details

Advanced Excel

  • Spreadsheet Basics
  • Spreadsheets Operations
  • Text Formatting- Custom
  • Creating a Formula
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Relative and Absolute Reference
  • Data Validation
  • Popular functions (Lookup, Conditional, Date, Text, Account etc.)
  • Text to columns wizard
  • Name Manger, Selection, Define Name
  • Split / Freeze Panes
  • Share workbook & Track changes
  • Charting and Analyzing Data
  • Advanced Filter (Based on 10 different scenarios)
  • Creating and Editing Charts
  • Pivot Tables - Wizard
  • Consolidate Data Tool
  • Dependency List using Indirect
  • Goal Seek
  • Importing data from other sources
  • Lookup and conditional functions
  • Creating Dashboard
  • Solver Tool - Wizard
  • Macros / VBA Basics

VBA Programming

Visual Basic Editor
  • The Project Explorer
  • The Properties Window
  • Variables and Data Types in VBA
Loops and Statements in VBA
  • Structure of Functions and Procedure
  • If....Then....Else Statements
  • For....Next and Do Until... Loop
  • Select Case.... End Select
  • With Selection.... End With
  • For Each Loop
Form Controls
  • Understanding User forms and References
  • Combo box, Radio Button, Group box, Check box
  • Built in Dialog Boxes, Calendar
  • Project Study on GUI Pattern
Working on Actions / Events
  • Events - Workbook, Worksheet Level Events
  • Working with Excel Range and Data
  • Worksheet and Workbook Operations,
  • Using Excel Functions in VBA
  • Volatile Functions
Interactive Windows and Reporting
  • Message box, Tools & Controls
  • Create Chart
  • Export report in PDF
  • Filters and Reporting
Mail Functions-Outlook / MAPI
  • Send automated mail, Outlook Configurations, MAPI
  • Filter Mails into Folders
  • Export Mails, Attachments in a specific location
Database Connectivity
  • Excel -Access Connectivity -Select, Retrieve, Insert Data Operations
  • Excel-SQL Connectivity -Select, Retrieve, Insert Data Operations

Course Duration

  • 2-3 Months ( WeekDays & WeekEnd Classes)
  • Class Duration : 2-3 Hrs
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