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C C++ Data Structure Training

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C Programing

The growing popularity of this language involves much creation of compilers, operating systems, games and editors. Moreover, it is the general-purpose language with the ability to draw expressions, data flow, and data structures. It is true! The language is important to every branch of students whether it may be engineering, master's degree or any other course. Apart from the colleges, there are many training institutes, which offer this course. Webs Jyoti is one of those. Over many years, Webs Jyoti is providing the platform of every class of students to master the C language.

C++ Programing

C++ is a general purpose Object Oriented programming language. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to OOPs Concepts and their implementation in C++ as well as to provide them real-time usage of C++ with the help of assignments and projects.
Prerequisite:- Knowledge of C is required for this course.

Data Structure :

C is the most frequently learned and used a general-purpose programming language. It supports the development of system software as well as application software. The purpose of this course is to train students in C and Data Structures.

Course Details

C Programming

  • Introduction to C
  • An overview of C and Buzzwords
  • Input and Output Operators
  • Decision Making and Looping
  • Arrays and String
  • Function
  • Pointers
  • Structures and Unions
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • File Management in C

C++ Programming

  • Introduction to C++
  • An overview of C++ and Buzzwords
  • Functions
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructor and Destructurew
  • Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Pointers, Vertual Functions Polymorphism
  • File Management in C++
  • Exception Handling

Data Structure

  • Design principles
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Object-Oriented Design Principles
  • Analysis techniques
    • Running Time
    • Pseudo-Code
    • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Stacks, Queues, Lists
    • Stacks
    • Queues
    • Linked Lists
  • Trees
    • The Tree Abstract Data Type
    • Basic Algorithms on Trees
    • Binary Trees
    • Data Structures for Representing Trees
  • Priority Queues
    • The Priority Queue Abstract Data Type
    • Priority Queue as a Sequence
    • Heaps
  • Dictionaries
    • The Dictionary Abstract Data Type
    • Binary Search Trees
    • AVL Trees
    • Hash Tables
  • Sorting, Selection
    • Sorting: Merge Sort, Quick Sort
    • Complexity of Sorting
    • Selection
  • Graphs
    • The Graph Abstract Data Type
    • Data Structures for Graphs
    • Graph Traversal
    • Directed Graphs

Course Duration

    • 2 Months( C , C++ & Data Structure -3 Months)
    • Class Duration : 2 Hrs