Online Music Portal

Today, Online Music Portal is providing music genres of all types with a cost-free to music fans. One-click web portal to connect with thousands of artists and their music, some of which is legitimately available for free from time-to-time via individual records, the artists, album and other occasional authorized sources.

Webs Jyoti, Music Portal is a hub for Music activity and new announcements of the latest releases. Users will able to get announcements about their favorite releases before, during or after street date with the single click.

While Listening Music Online,users will be given an opportunity to feature to share your favorite on Facebook and Twitter social media feeds. This new feature was designed to be fully automated so that it requires little to no extra effort from our clients.

Online Music

  • Add to Favorites concepts
  • Fully Secure Admin panel Management
  • No extra plugin required
  • Simple and user friendly concepts
  • System Support Module
  • Fully Music Player Controls embeded
  • Customization According to Requirement

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